Essential Keto Cookie Recipes That Everyone Should Try Out Today


Even though most people love Whole30 so much, it is very common to see them really missing desert especially cookies. If you are among such people, there are no reasons to worry considering that one of the best things about choosing the keto diet is that it allows one to have their cake as well as cookies and still eat them as well. For anyone wondering what they can always opt for every time they feeling like taking a bite to a cookie, they have a wide range of options that they can always select from. This article outlines some of the cookies and their recipes that people on TwoSleevers keto diet can always make use every time they need dessert as part of their meal plan.


Easy keto snickerdoodles

Even though most people find it so tricky to nail the extremely soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside, keto snickerdoodles always work all the time. They are made from salt and salted butter in addition to almond flour, baking soda, keto-friendly sweetener, and cinnamon. The little delicacies can be made within less than half an hour but the trick to bringing out the best lies in ensuring that the last batch lasts longer than 30 minutes. They can be taken with a hot cup of tea or coffee that allows them to melt amazingly in one’s mouth.


Keto macaroon fat bombs

Even though they may not sound like the most enticing kind of cookies, they are a great delicacy and satiety for anyone on the keto diet from this website. The preparation process entails mixing the dry ingredients (shredded coconut, almond flour, and keto-friendly sweetener) and then melting the coconut oil which is then mixed with some vanilla extract. The next step is to add the oil mixture to the dry ingredient mixture while on the other hand whisking the egg whites in a chilled bowl and later on folding the whites into the mixture of the flour. It is at this point that one spoons out the cookie sheet and bakes it until the macaroons turn slightly brown and they turn out not only easy but also divine and slightly fatty as well.


3-ingredient low-carb peanut butter cookies

They are among the easiest dessert cookies to whip up as they are made with only three ingredients and require a mere six-step process and one is done. They are thus great when the craving for cookies strikes unplanned. You may further read about diet, go to

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